Saturday, 18 May 2013

Japanese Festivals

Soma Nomaoi

Soma Nomaoi is a Japanese traditional festival. It is a 1,000 years old traditional horse race that is even held in current days. To take part in this festival, the participants would have to dress in traditional samurai armour with their Katana (Sword). Then, they will race each other on their own horses for 1,000 meter. Here are the details for this festival :

(a) This festival is held for 3 days.

(b) This festival is held in Fukushima, Soma City.
(c) This festival is held for 4 days from the month of July 23rd to 25th  every year.

Hina Matsuri

Hina Matsuri is one of the famous festival in Japan.It is a doll's festival which held on 3rd of March  in Katsuura City,Chiba Prefecture. Hina Matsuri is the day to pray for young girls' happiness and growth.In February,most families with girls will display their special dolls which call hina-ningyo and devote peach blossoms to them.After the festival,they will take the dolls down immediately. This is because some believes that once they leave the doll past 4th of march,it will results a late marriage for the daughter.  
*As you can see the the photo above,those dolls are arranged on a 5 or 7-level stand covered with a red carpet.
Japanese festivals unique and beautiful in its way.

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