Monday, 6 May 2013


        Did you know that in Japan the guest or visitor of the house will get to bath first , and unless the guest have finished bathing the family member will not be allowed to bath because it will be seen as disrespecting the guest.After the guest have done bathing then only the male part of the family get to bath and finally the female turn to bath since they take the longer time to bath.

       There is also steps in bathing , in most of the house hold bath there will be two part for different purpose the first part is used to clean and wash their body and the second part (Bathtub) is used to soak their body to relax and rest in very hot water . The reason of splitting the is because the hot water in the bathtub is not changed after each use so it's important to keep the water clean for the next person who is going to bath . these steps will be followed by the next person and so on.

The Public Bathhouses

       Due to the problem lacking in space to build more building for example Tokyo is a very small city but very crowded , this causes some houses or apartment to lack a bathroom and for these people they will have no choice but to go to a nearby bathhouse where they would pay a dollar or two and get to enjoy the facilities provided . the bathing steps are also same as the house bath it's just with a lot more people bathing together at once , swimming is also prohibited in the public bath ,giggling and ogling is considered ill-mannered behavior.

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